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Consign of the Times is a premier purveyor of authentic luxury pre-owned handbags, premium shoes, and high-end accessories.

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We've been in business for 20 years and enjoy extremely low staff turnover. We're a team of driven fashion-obsessed sales professionals who will personally market your merchandise with our signature passion and professionalism.

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Shop with confidence knowing all inventory is inspected manually for 100% Authenticity Guaranteed. All items undergo an extensive authenticity verification process by our our team of in-house specialists and outside product experts, if necessary, before they ever go on the sales floor.

Customer reviews
I got my bag in the mail today ... It is ABSOLUTELY perfect! I can't even believe it still has the original stickers on, and it was such a steal! Thank you for always having the best deals and best bags and of course the BEST LADIES!
— Joann
Guess who got a gold Birkin 35? ... No idea how you would have a second one to offer to my husband but so happy you did! The bag is so gorgeous - sheer perfection! I am ecstatic. Thank you so much!
— Laura
I absolutely love buying from this luxury brand shop. Beautiful items, great prices and the owner and associates are the absolute greatest! ... Highly Recommend!
— Bernadette
With Carin's fun, great sense of humor and knowledge of handbags, she had me hooked! ... She is the Creme de Creme and the Bagwhisperer. Thank you for great service, Carin!
— Stacey
Of course the LV blue mono bag is stunning by the packaging is beyond. When I get a package from you, I know it will be as it was stated to be and protected exceptionally well ... Thank you for being YOU!
— Deanna
You are amazing ... Something about your voice is so happy and positive. Love how passionate you are for bags. I love them all. It's like Christmas every day!
— Anonymous